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    Great Things for Graphic Novel Kidlit Creators

    It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post any events or opportunities. It’s been a busy summer for me and there hasn’t been much time to write anything. Also so much going on that I haven’t been able to think to write. Just now I’ve started 3 different blog posts. 2 of which I may never finish. But maybe soon.

    I want to let you know of a few things I’ve heard about recently! These just happen to all be in the realm of Graphic Novels (though the first is for more than just graphic novel people!).

    Creator Advisor 

    Creator Advisor on Twitter regularly posts job & contract work opportunities. These are not all kidlit jobs, and are mostly related to comics. I believe the person running it may be from Canada, but I’ve seen jobs from the US and remote jobs. https://twitter.com/CreatorAdvisor

    Graphic Novel: Nuts and Bolts with Ken Lamug, award-winning author & Illustrator 

    October 9th, 2022 2:00-4:00pm PDT.

    Award-winning & Multi-published Ken Lamug will be talking about everything Graphic Novels! He will be talking about how his book Mischief and Mayhem started as a picture book and became a graphic novel! Ken is a teacher, filmaker, KidlitGN organizer and former SCBWI Illustrator-Coordinator for the Nevada Chapter of the SCBWI. https://nevada.scbwi.org/events/graphic-novel-nuts-and-bolts-with-ken-lamug-award-winning-author-illustrator

    KidlitGN Pitch Event!

    KidlitGN is having their annual pitch event on October 5-7th. You can pitch your GN on both Twitter and their website! https://kidlitgn.com/ There have been a lot of people who have found success from this wonderful event! 

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    Win a $25 Gift Card!

    Bunny Banner

    I just realized that my post about Spring into Writing registration being OPEN may not have been sent. You can register at the link below.

    Help me get the word out about Spring into Writing and you could win a $25 USD gift card to an indie book store of your choice! You can enter every day by mentioning the event on social media.

    Spring into Writing is a free event to help writers have fun while writing. Since it’s all about having fun you win just by being a part of the event. There will be a free downloadable workbook.

    I can manually add in entries, so if you’ve gone over and beyond what’s in the Rafflecopter  please let me know! Also let me know if you have any trouble entering.

    You must be signed up to Spring into Writing to enter. The new guest list is up, but still in progress! Sign up to Spring into Writing here: http://ngi.c96.myftpupload.com/register-for-spring-into-writing/ (Signing up is absolutely free!) Feel free to use any of my Spring into Writing images to share with your social media posts! 

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    Smart Dummies Finish Line

    Smart Dummies is Over

    How did you do this month? Did you finish your dummy? If you didn’t finish how far did you get? However much work you did CONGRATULATIONS! Smart Dummies is not necessarily about finishing. It’s about making good habits and getting more work done!

    How did you do this month? Did you finish your dummy? If you didn’t finish how far did you get? However much work you did CONGRATULATIONS! Smart Dummies is not necessarily about finishing. It’s about making good habits and getting more work done! If you were able to finish Smart Dummies I have a special badge for you. Please link it to daniduck.com/blog! I will be taking the Smart Dummies booklet offline November 15th, so be sure to pick it up here: http://ngi.c96.myftpupload.com/register-for-smart-dummies-2019/

    Smart Dummies 2019 Winner Badge!

    Smart Dummies Survey

    I have a quick 2 minute – 6 question survey to help make Smart Dummies better. Please let me know any problems you had with the event. I can only make things better by knowing. Please include your contact info in the survey if you would like me to address anything. This survey is completely anonymous, so if you don’t give me your info I wont know who completed the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HDG89YR

    Smart Dummies has changed a lot over the years, and next year will be no different, however some things will go back to the way they’ve been for several years. My 3 year old will be in school, so I will have more time during the week to run Smart Dummies. (YAY!) Please let me know if you like or dislike any of the ideas below.

    Smart Dummies 2020

      • Bringing Back Guests – This will possibly bring back prizes! The guest list will be short so you can spend less time reading and more time creating.
      • Process Videos – More videos will be made to help you create your art!
      • More Help – This highly depends on the Survey results, so if you want to see more help, then fill out the survey so I can see what you want! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/HDG89YR (You can also comment below.) 
      • No Pre-Smart Dummies – I loved Pre-Smart Dummies, but it seems as though I’m going through most of the same information twice. I think I can give better and more information if we skip this part of the event. It also feels a bit confusing and makes the event feel like it’s taking up more of the year which is overwhelming on my end (and may be on yours)!
      • Some Pre-Event Activities – I think I will be talking more about editing your story before Smart Dummies. I will be giving a few tips on the event, but wont be providing as much new information before the event. You can still do all of the prep work that Pre-Smart Dummies encouraged, before Smart Dummies begins.
      • A Booklet Redesign – I’m not sure how much is going to change, but I’d like to make some changes to the current booklet!

    Did you like Smart Dummies? Consider Supporting me on Patreon! There will be more great videos all year long plus lots of other great rewards: https://www.patreon.com/SmartDummies

    Want to participate in another great event? Try Spring into Writing starting May 1st! It’s a laid-back event that’s all about having fun while writing. http://ngi.c96.myftpupload.com/springintowriting/

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    Finding Places to Submit Your Work

    A Bit About Publishing

    There are lots of places where you could get your book published, but sometimes finding the right place is hard!

    In many cases finding an agent is extremely important. They can help you tweak your story for publication. Agents have a bigger pool of places to submit work to, so a person with a good agent will likely do better than a person without. They also can help you get better contracts, money and answer questions you need answered. If you are thinking about an agent, submit to agents first. They get back to you faster, and won’t be able to shop your manuscript to editors you’ve already submitted to on your own.

    You can find an editor before you get published. There are a lot of great publishing companies that do accept manuscripts/dummies from individuals. Do your research on these companies. Publishing companies should pay you, and you should not be paying anything out of pocket! 

    The Book by SCBWI — A publishing guide with kidlit places to submit your work. Must be a current member of the SCBWI to access. https://www.scbwi.org/online-resources/the-book/

    The Writer’s Market Books — A series of books created for writers and illustrators to get their books published. Recently acquired by Penguin Random House so the website may change. https://www.writersdigest.com/WritersMarket

    Twitter Events:

    #DVPit http://dvpit.com/

    #Pitmad  http://pitchwars.org/pitmad/

    #PB Pitch http://www.pbpitch.com/

    Pitch Wars https://pitchwars.org/pitch-wars-schedule/

    #MSWL  (not a pitch Event) on Twitter (Manuscript Wish List). https://www.manuscriptwishlist.com/

    This is in no way a full list, but it will help you get started! Check out this post for more events and writing help: http://ngi.c96.myftpupload.com/writing-fun/

    The Children’s Book Academy writing class is over, but there is time to sign up for her illustration class here: https://www.childrensbookacademy.com/p/the-craft-business-of-illustrating-children-s-picture-books

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    The Writing Challenge is GO!

    You can now sign up for the new writing challenge below! I’m doing pre-registration for this event just to judge involvement in this new challenge. If you pre-register now you will not have to register later this year! This event will take place on this blog (as will future Smart Dummies events).

    You can register for the 2019 Writing Challenge here http://ngi.c96.myftpupload.com/register-for-the-writing-challenge

    The Writing Challenge will be May 1st – May 31st!

    Interested in pre-ordering the Writing Challenge* booklet?

    Then you can go here:

    Edit: The price of the planner will stay the same.$15 total USD for the planner plus shipping to the US! This planner will a bit be longer in content and the calendar will be for the 6 months (instead of 2 months)!

    I’m still looking for a name for the Writing Challenge (feel free to post your ideas in the comments below). 


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