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CBA’s Middle Grade Mastery Scholarships

To read more about the Middle Grade Mastery course go here

If you want to apply for a scholarship here is that link: Deadline is May 15th!

If you’ve read any of my posts on the Children’s Book Academy you know how much I love their courses. Mira Reisberg and I are friends and I just can’t not tell my other friends about their courses. I have taken the Craft & Business of Illustrating Children’s Books twice now. Earlier this year I went through the course and I’m still processing everything I learned.

You might want to know what processing looks like for me. Last time I took the class at the end of 2018. That class lead me to revamp my entire portfolio. I have now replaced every single image in my portfolio with digital work. I’ve also switched from picture books to graphic novels.

This year I’m working on a graphic novel submission package. I’m now working on 3 new spreads to add to the images I made in class. I also will be working on a script and other things to submit with my package.

I’ve learned a lot with the CBA and I highly recommend taking this course if you want to learn more about writing MG books! 

There Are Scholarships!

The Children’s Book Academy has a lot of great features. You will get feedback from Hillary Homzie and Mira Reisberg. There will be webinars every week where they critique your work. Every webinar has an agent, editor or publisher guest! These guests, Mira, Hillary and a few other people will be looking at your work at the end of the course. If they like your work they might publish, or help you publish your book! Here is that link again for the course:

This course is a bit costly for some. It is well worth the money, believe me! There are also scholarships to those who qualify. I have added a list below so you can see what’s involved. Please apply for these scholarships if you qualify! You can apply here:

Deadline is May 15th!

Easy Peasy Scholarship Criteria (as taken from the CBA email):

  • Be a member of an ethnic minority, or identify as LGBQT, or having a disability, being low-income, being a kid’s librarian, an Aussie, or an SCBWI RA, ARA or IC (Society of Children‘s Book Writers and Illustrators regional helpers who do so much unpaid work for our industry).
  • Be excited about making middle grade novels or chapter books and contributing to the field to help make a better world through these books whether it’s just by creating more joy or by skillfully and subtly integrating social justice themes in your work
  • All applicants must write a 40-60 word description of themselves, their background, and why they’d be a good candidate for this scholarship
  • Writers must compose an up-to 70-word descriptive pitch for the middle grade novel or chapter book that they’d like to work on during the course
  • Illustrators must include a link to their website
  • Let us know if you are already agented and/or published

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  • Laurie Carmody

    I’m taking the CBA Picture Book Writing course right now. It is incredible! I have learned so much and will definitely continue to sing its praises to others, just like you!