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100 Black Mentorships with Larissa Marantz

I want to offer 100 scholarships to Black Art Students!

When I had started this post a few days ago Larissa Marantz had a goal to mentor 100 Black students in honor of Black History Month. As I’m writing this now on the 6th, Larissa has already achieved her goal! It’s not really enough because that’s just one month’s worth of scholarships, so let’s try to to get more than just 100 scholarships for Larissa. These Open Studio Sessions are absolutely wonderful! You can donate here: This is Larissa’s original tweet so you can be sure to follow her on social media:

Maybe you’re saying well I’m Black, where do I sign up for these mentorships? Just go here: It’s a quick and painless application and filling it out can change your life! Larissa mentors illustrators (I believe mostly kidlit illustrators), animators, comic/graphic novel people and those working on developing a portfolio! My fingers are crossed for you to get a scholarship!

Help Make Black History sponsor a Black art student.#blackhistorymonth

These mentorships are absolutely priceless! You can see more about what Larissa offers here: I have learned so much by signing up for her classes. Larissa gives one on one feedback, and is very knowledgeable. These Open Studio Sessions are a safe space and I do not say that lightly. Larissa has this magical way of making people feel good about themselves, while gently pointing out the right direction for their art. I’m one of those people who can’t make it every week to her sessions, but I find if I can make it to one session out of the month it’s well worth the cost.

Please join me in donating to Larissa’s scholarships here:

Join the Open Studio Sessions:

Apply for a scholarship:

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All images in this post are the work of Larissa Marantz. All of the images in this post were used with her permission.