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New Kidlit Resources

I meant to update sooner, but I was having trouble with the WordPress editors I use. I think blogging is okay, but updating the resource page was a pain! Here are some new events and resources to help you out. If you have a resource you want to share please contact me here: I’m especially looking for resources for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, Disabled,  people from underrepresented religion/cultures ect. 

Here are the updated resources I’ve collected since my last post. You can see them all here: There are a few here. There are some things that I know about that I’ll be able to announce soon!

Feb 12 – Registration opens for the Indiana Graphic Novel Conference Opens: (June 9th event)

Charlesbridge is looking for Editors and BIPOC Creators (authors and Illustrators): Charlesbridge editors are offering free, 30-minute sessions to participants who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, or people of color (BIPOC) to discuss their manuscripts. During these sessions, the editor will offer specific constructive feedback on manuscripts, cover letters, and the submissions process, as well as guidance about the publishing industry if requested. These sessions are designed to help you refine your manuscript and prepare for submission to publishing houses or agents.

Cake Creative is looking for writers. WFH – They help writers develop their writing and you write their stories: