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Wonderful Kidlit Illustration Course

I wanted to let you know about a a fabulous illustration class I took a few years ago. Make Your Marks and Splashes with Mark Mitchell is a great way to get started in Illustration. I’ve been so busy that I know I’m posting this late. Go here to join this great course:

In this course you will learn all of the basics for illustration along with lots of advanced techniques as well. No matter where you are in your illustration career you will benefit from Mark’s class!

I feel like explaining this course is a little strange, because it’s very intense and involved. Having said that it also was very laid back and fun. Yes, both at the exact same time! Probably because the course material is easy to get into even though there is a lot to learn. Plus the whole class is a low stress environment, which helps me out a lot!

There are a ton of videos to watch for class. Having taken university courses, I’d say this is like a whole degree’s worth of art classes in one course! If you missed out on university art courses, don’t worry! You’ll get caught up on it all here! 

Probably the most exciting part of this class is meeting with Mark your classmates online for the huddles! Mark is an excellent teacher who will help guide you every step of the way through illustrating. 

Sign up here, but hurry as classes start on the 24th!


  • Teresa Robeson

    It sounds great and I’m so tempted but I’m in the middle of the Kids Comics Intensive and am swamped with other things to do. If Mark offers it in the fall or winter, I’ll likely take the course!

  • Dani Duck

    I’m pretty sure that Mark will have a course this fall as well! I’ll try to remember to post it sooner so people can join! I may have more time to take the course in the fall again too!